Case History

Twingroup Global Solutions, Infor Partner and World Class ERP software supplier, announced that MWU CURIONI went in live with Infor XA on October 1, 2014. MWU CURIONI is a company of the American BARRY WEHMILLER group and it takes part of the BW PAPERSYSTEMS division. 


Twingroup Global Solutions, Infor partner and “World Class” software and services distributor, announced that Vestas Blades Italy went in live on June, 16 2014 with SEPA project. In the next months also Vestas in Spain will go in live with SEPA payments.

Twingroup Global Solutions, Infor partner, ERP service and World Class software distributor announced that RFT S.p.A., company of the Swedish group SKF, went in live with the release 9 of Infor XA on November 13, 2014.  

"Infor XA on IBM Power System is the solution to have more performance cost effective, a real horse-racing, and its reliability is legendary. Our time working substance is 99.9%."

-Matt Gidley, IT Director PCMC


Founded in 1919, PCMC has more than 900 employees in six locations in North America and more than 1,100 employees worldwide with offices in Brazil, China, Japan, Italy, Germany and England. The company specializes in the design and conversion machinery at high performance. This case study demonstrates how yhe use of Catavolt Extender improved their delivery rate of 20%, reducing the cycle time of purchase order and creating an overall reduction in material costs.

Luverne Truck Equipment designs and manufactures high quality accessories for trucks in America's heartland since 1963. The product line Luverne offers a broad base of upscale aftermarket accessories for pickups, vans, SUVs and medium and heavy trucks. This case study shows how Luverne increased the accuracy of inventories and invoices, and provides real-time data to the representatives of the sector using Catavolt Extender.