Choose INFOR ERP: without costly customizations or long implementation times and always with the maximum flexibility to add new features to grow the company. A secure and reliable platform built by IBM and with a lower TCO. IBM and Infor continue to make significant investments in functionality Power System, to protect and make the most of your current systems.

"The survival of the fastest" is the new rule to be successful in business. To follow the rapid changes in technology, there can no longer afford to remain anchored to old systems. The innovative technology is disrupting the complexity and rigidity of the legacy technologies.  Entrust yourself to Twingroup in order to get the right support to the overall improvement of your business management .

Do you want to actually turn the internal processes? Do you want to improve relationships with customers and suppliers? Do you want to use your systems on the move? Do you want to be free from the bond of devices and development platforms? Extending the use of their systems to employees and "furniture", with security and simplicity, is the goal of Catavolt EXTENDER, the perfect cloud solution for Enterprise Mobility, can help  to extend the...