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5 Reasons Your Organization Needs Rapid Mobile App Development

1, 2016 posted on Catavolt Blog by Allison Erdman

Rapid mobile app development (RMAD) is the use of code-free programming tools to speed the process of creating applications for mobile platforms. RMAD is useful for enterprises because it takes a usual tedious, expensive process that requires experienced software developers.

RMAD also makes it easy for people close to the business processes and data such as business analysts create apps quickly without traditional software development. If your organization is looking to improve efficiency this year, here are five reasons you should choose rapid mobile app development:

Your Business Users Can Launch Functional Apps

If you are considering mobile apps for your organization, it is likely that your users are struggling with current processes or are challenged by limited technology. IT may be cautious to implement new tools because they are already spending almost 80 percent of their budgets maintaining the systems they already have in place. With RMAD, IT has the opportunity to make the most of the other 20 percent with an investment in innovation. RMAD gives IT the opportunity to launch useful apps in half the time and train their business users to create their own apps without coding.

Lower Software Development Maintenance Costs

A best-in-class RMAD provides IT teams with a low or no code option for declarative user interface development. The most efficient RMAD platforms do not generate code. If you’re evaluating a RMAD that generates code – think again. More code means more costly maintenance down the road and a higher total cost of ownership.

RMAD Delivers on Organizational Expectations

According to the Standish Group, 94 percent of large IT projects either fail, over-shoot budget and schedule, or deliver below expectations. These projects fail because IT often “bites off more than they can chew,” and is either under-skilled or under-staffed to successfully launch the project. RMAD gives your IT department the ability to meet project deadlines and expectations within budget because it isn’t complicated. Mobile apps can be created with little to no code and entry-level developers can launch useful mobile apps.

Keep Your Platform Data Secure 

RMAD helps your IT team to be smarter about security. Instead of having to maintain security for each mobile app your company uses, you can wrap security around each app. Certain RMAD platforms allow you to define that security across all applications. With this, IT can isolate the organization’s enterprise data and use a closed approach to security. A closed security approach only delivers data that a specific user needs and nothing else.

Integrate Easily With Other Systems

The right RMAD platform will be able to integrate with any other system your organization is already using. For example, if your organizations wants to use your mobile apps to record sales calls, it needs to be able to integrate easily with your CRM, such as Salesforce. If your organization wants to keep an accurate account of real-time inventory on the shop floor, your mobile app may need to be able to integrate easily with your ERP, such as Infor, IBM, or SAP. When your IT team implements an easy to use RMAD platform, it will be able to connect to any on-site or cloud-based data system and then deploy to any kind of device.

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