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Catavolt recognized as "Cool Vendor" in Enterprise Mobility by Gartner

Alpharetta, GA - April 30, 2012

Catavolt, creators of a cloud service that provides instant, secure access for any Internet-based mobile device to existing enterprise systems, today announced it has been recognized by Gartner Inc. as a 2012 "Cool Vendor" in Enterprise Mobility.

The Gartner report names Catavolt as one of four vendors "bringing new and innovative capabilities to organizations to deal with mobile initiatives for employees and customers in a broad sense."

"The uptake of smartphones in the hands of consumers brings new opportunities and challenges to customer-facing organizations. Enterprises are seeking tools to develop rich mobile applications for smartphones and tablets to increase their competitive position and appeal to end users, at the same mobile platform fragmentation is increasing complexity and costs," the report concluded.

Unlike other complex application development methods such as Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) tools, Catavolt's patent pending solution helps organizations harness the full power of mobility and cloud access, without all of the hassles and pitfalls of app development. Using Catavolt, organizations can design, create and deploy mobile functionality many times faster than traditional methods.

"We are honored that such a distinguished firm as Gartner chose to recognize Catavolt. Our company is bringing change to the enterprise mobility industry, and we believe having our vision recognized by industry experts is a great step forward for the industry and for us personally," said Catavolt CEO George Mashini. "We believe that enterprise mobility is at the beginning of what will become one of the biggest paradigm shifts in IT, we are excited to help make this shift a rewarding experience for our customers."

"In the brief time since Catavolt developed its patent pending software-as-service technology, the company has enlisted customers from across many different industries, including Amphenol Aerospace, a Division of Amphenol Corp., one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products for the military, commercial aerospace and industrial markets. To have valuable information at your fingertips speeds up the decision making process. But one big challenge of our enterprise system is accessing and viewing remote data quickly and securely," said Bruce Knoll, senior IT manager for Amphenol Aerospace.

"Catavolt's setup was quick, easy and effective, much easier than other tools we have used. I was viewing our data on my iPhone within two hours of getting the product. Users have mobile views into important data, all with drill-down capability. Their response has been extremely positive."