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Consumerization of Business Apps – “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

February 20, 2017, Posted by Kim Brown on Catavolt Blog

Consumer mobile apps have made it difficult on business application development.  Mobile business users request apps to help them complete work-related tasks, providing seamless access to the rich features they love about their smartphones and tablets (e.g. pictures, maps, barcode reading, alerts, etc.). 

They don’t want to be trained, they don’t want to wait for new features and they don’t want to wait for slow access to their data.  Simply, they want to get Angry Birds to knock over barriers keeping them from getting work done.  There is little question that business apps have not kept pace with the mobile revolution and companies, in all industries, are investing to catch up.

What should that investment look like?  Do you create native apps or web apps, or something else to utilize mobility?

Some companies are investing in expensive native app designers to create elegant UI’s. Inevitably, this will take months to deliver features for a single platform – maybe iOS, maybe Android – that hopefully support the needs of their users.  If these apps are not accepted, then app costs will only rise when enhancements are needed and annual maintenance considered.

Others are creating web apps using Java and HTML5 that might be more flexible and will work on multiple platforms over a browser.  However, they will lack the ‘sizzle’ of native apps and will almost certainly be slow.

Progressive organizations take action on the need to incorporate the best of both alternatives.  They are looking for solutions that look like consumer apps with the right set of native features, while providing the speed and power needed to get a specific job done quickly, with no training.

How about including a cloud based, flexible and secure way to customize apps to quickly meet the ever-changing needs of business users?  Companies that are currently finding mobile business solutions might be well positioned to search out the middle-way – where business apps meet consumer sizzle.

That is where a configurable mobile app development platform can help.  See how Catavolt can help you deliver consumer-friendly business apps in hours or days rather than weeks and months.