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By questioning about what is "social" and what is not is an increasingly challenging task due to the high penetration between our private lives and the epidermal need to virtually share our daily lives. This task becomes even more complicated when we ask what is the added value that this desire to "Social-ize" gives to our life. The answer is a business model that reverses the paradigm: Social and Business. A group of business leaders, including Italian ones, noted that there is another way, which can be in the "market" but without prepending its principles to the values ​​of the communities in which it operates. The concept seems hazy, but it takes the form of simple linear process can be summarized into two pillars: "horizontality" and "knowlege experience".

coca_colaAccording to this thought, a business, to be integrated, should be spread horyzontly in the market. It must be shared with the final customer and not only. An interesting social project is the “Coca-cola” marketing one. millions of customers took part to this initiative, by converting the connection with the brand from a formal relationship to an informal. This project consists of customers' names engraved on the Coca Cola Bottles.

You can think about some italian farming projects in South America where the sharing between investor, manufacturer and final customer is really narrow and it creates a customized product and it shares the whole production line, by connecting tunefully distant cultures and tecniques. 

This undeniable benefice introduces us to the second pillar of this thought: the knowledge experience. In effect, according to the “social”  feature of the business, the entrepreneur changes its approach and he becomes one of the project builder. For example the Manara Group, in Colombia, after the opening interesting debate with local communities and state universities, is studying a specific social, technical and scientific integration of the agriculture. 

Another element of "Knowledge Experience" is the results share. This principle is founded, like the previous ones, on the participation not only of stakeholders but also of stakeholders in a wide meaning, in other words, on the community, people, associations and P.A inclusion in decisional process.  By building a business not to be accepted (so Saleable) but an active one, you can give more longevity to it and you can minimize the rivarly. (social and economic consequences).   

This is possible, by creating a network inside your own enterprise, usable for all, both in the content (simple and clear data, linear analysis) and the container (internet access, fast and comprehensive interfaces...) owledge experience” is, probably the word Social Business will not change our lives in the next few days, but we dicovered that this term is a "palindrome".

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