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Infor presents a supply chain solution for vertical industries

Infor SCE 10.4 offers warehouse efficiency and functionalities to make better order and optimized User Experience for retailer and global industries. 

Infor, one of the leaders in business applications with specific industries features, available also in cloud, announced the new release 10.4 of Infor Supply Chain Execution (SCE), which offers better performances and efficiency levels. After the last year announce, related to the cloud availability of Infor SCE, Infor, acccording to customers feedback, optimized the fullfillment, the use ease in order to a more rapid investment revenue. Infor SCE 10.4 offers an exclusive adaptable tool to the specific industry needs, by encouraging a more olistic approach to the supply chain management and combined functionalities of warehouse management, workforce, transport and 3PL billing in a unique solution. This application has been designed to optimize the warehouse stock, space and labor management, by simplifying at the same moment the complex supply chain processes. The solution is availbale also in cloud and on premise.  

The Main improvements are: 

  • A dynamic and personalized slotting for retail and orders execution in the omnichannel environment-This release includes the Dynamic Slotting function. The module let to reconfigure the warehouse according to the products rotation speed changes and other relevant attributes, by assigning automatically significant points for the items that have not one appointed yet.  
  • A better in entrance quality control -  It lets to execute the incoming goods quality sampling and to keep track efficiently of the results. Thanks to the new configuration screen, you can easier define the sampling rules at property, supplier and item levels, by offering to retailers a deeper vision of supplier quality. 
  • Support to the new UI Web RF based on HTML5 -  beyond  the RF telnet support, Infor SCE 10.4 offers RF screens in a browser interface based on HTML5. This will let you to take advantage from the new smart devices and indipendent RF from the platform. Furthermore a new configurable messaging app has been added in order to improve comunication between RF users and to speed up the warehouse processes.  
  • New specific industry and role dashboards - Infor SCE 10.4 has been projected to facilitate the use and specific industry functionalities.  In order to reach new objectives, the new version is composed by three new industry dashboards which offer parameters and specific KPI indicators for Retail Distribution, Healthcare Distribution and 3PL management.
  • Extensibility options to personalize the user experience- This release presents several extensibility features to let the improvement and the customization of screens without modyfing the software code. These include a new RF screen designer a screens configurator based on UI/module. Other improvements include the Infor Reporting 10.4 support and a new graphic assignements visualization in a format based on Gantt diagrams. It has also additional compliance features with UX 3.0 styles for SCE modules, in addition to the functionalities implementation required for the integration with Infor Ming.le™, Infor Operational Reporting and Infor ION 10x.

"Many Infor customers have a supply chain with a high level of handling so it is therefore essential to have complete accessibility and visibility of the processes, both in terms of suppliers and of customers", said John Bermudez, Vice President of Product Management Infor. "the new warehouse management capabilities, along with the updated dashboard and the possibility of customization, make Infor SCE 10.4 the ideal solution for customers with complex supply chains."
Infor SCE 10.4 is available in several languages, including English, Chinese (simplified), Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Swedish. The application is distributed in different geographic regions, including Asia, Latin America, North America and Europe.