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Innovation is born on the front lines

June 10, George Mashini - Catavolt CEO

Innovation is born on the front line. A key lesson I've learned working in mobility over the past three years. I've had the opportunity to help many companies start their mobile journey and achieve a high level of success. In some places the mobile project was part of a strategic corporate initiative. In other places the project was put together by IT to help them with specific pain points. With the right approach and good project management both of these cases yield great results. But, every once in a while you run into a line of business that has created the idea for a mobile app. These are rare situations.

Think about it, the line of business person isn't responsible for technology. They're busy running a store, a region, a hospital, trying to hit their quota or service their customers. The last thing on their mind is software. In fact, for a long time technology has flowed from IT out to them. But, some times the line of business person sees a way that they can do their job better through technology, more specifically through the mobile device that they are connected to all day.

In my experience this is where true business transformation happens. It's the magic combination of real world need and an imagination that is not capped by the overwhelming techie details that have to be considered by IT. Here is a great example in the construction materials space: http://www.pitandquarry.com/aggregates-app-helps-perfect-pricing/.

If you're on the business side take a minute and look around. Is there a way you can do your job better or give better service to your customers? If so, share it with your IT sponsor.

If you're in an IT leadership position I think this is the perfect time to do an innovation day to brainstorm with your customers. They may look at you funny when you suggest taking up their afternoon to talk about ideas. But, think of it this way, if you don't do it there's a good chance your competition is doing it. 

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