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Less budget, more Cloud: companies face the crisis

Because of the difficult economic situation, and the consequent reduction of investments, companies believe more and more in cloud solutions, which in 2013 reached a turnover of nearly 800 million €. 

Italian Companies are increasingly trusting on cloud computing, taking advantage of the innovative available resources without having to manage their complexity. This is what emerges from the SIRMI study about Cloud Computing Business in Italy. The survey, realized at the end of 2013, shows the trends for the years 2011-2016 in Infrastructure segment as a Service ( IaaS) , Platform as a Service (PaaS ) , Software as a Service (SaaS) and the Mobile Cloud. Overall, cloud services reached in 2013 a value of  788.8 million €, an increase value of 16.9 % compared to 2012. The 60th % of the market is related to the Public & Hybrid Cloud components, with a predominance of the Hybrid services, while the remaining 40 % comes from Virtual Private Cloud services.

The Cloud computing services shopping comes from large companies, with more than 250 employees, who generate the  53.5 % of investments. The Enterprise section companies (50 to 250 employees) contribute to the total expenditure with a share of 26.8%, while the PMI and SOHO businesses (with fewer than 50 employees) generate the 19.7 % of the investments. The investments allocation will change if you switch from an global market analysis to the individual services one, especially in SaaS area, the incidence of biggest companies falls down to the 44.9 % while the weight of large enterprises (27,6%) and PMI/SOHO ones (27.5%) is substantially the same.

“ These data confirm clearly that Cloud Computing services do not represent a type of services for only the PMI slot, on the contrary they are an optimal solution to extend the company data center" underlines the SIRMI press note. " At the same time the market data confirm that PMI are addressing to Cloud world, paying attention to Saas area, because it represents the opportunity to reduce or delete the infratructural investments". 

The demand changes condition also the offer system. SIRMI reveals that almost every type of tradizional ICT players, including the suppliers, propose a Cloud offer, and more and more little and medium operators support the major ICT players. People, who propose and manage Infrastructures, choose Infrastructural Cloud Services; people, who propose apps, begins with Cloud solutions, People who lived until now with projects, choose multi-year services. Not only, the Cloud offer is continually in evolution: many ISV and software house, with in fee apps, are Cloud Solution Providers and present typic Cloud solutions , by supporting directly essential investments for infrastructures and platforms. 

In spite of the opinion that cloud computing can damage third parts, by offeiring to Cloud Service Providers  the opportunity to dismediate, in Italy the importance of Channel Partners is increasing. They can add value to the Cloud Service Provider offer or only for resales activities", commented SIRMI. The phenomenon of Cloud Broker emerges. They candidate themselves like indipendent consultants and collaborate with IT Manager and Enterprise functions in order to find the best Cloud solution. 

The market leader is Telecom Italia, with a figure of 13,6% in the cloud computing market. Telecom Italia is at the second position (9,6%), behind Aruba (9,8%), in the area of Public & Hybrid Cloud market, while it is in pole position in the area of Virtual Private Cloud,with a figure of 19,6%, followed by IBM (14,0%).