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Manufacturing Spotlight: Make Your Business Intelligence Actionable with Mobile Apps

Posted on October 14, 2013 by .

Everyone’s heard the drill before about enterprise mobility: it’s about making your employees more productive, “increasing operational efficiency,” and other anecdotal phrases that while true might be hard to quantify. What’s missing in this message is the fact that mobile is really about making data work harder for you, not data making people work harder.

Manufacturing is a perfect example of where mobile can make your business intelligence more actionable. Business Intelligence (BI) serves up a great deal of helpful information to plant managers, warehouse managers and executives trying to optimize inventory and production. Mobile applications provide a key opportunity for taking this data and applying action to optimize processes in real time.


In the above you can see real time views of the plant floor. Visibility into processes is not a new concept with BI. But the fact that you can take this BI, and use a mobile app to report inventory and labor movements to show where processes are breaking down, and actually use the app to shift resources is taking that critical operational BI and making it work harder for you.

Whatever pathway to mobility your manufacturing organization chooses, make sure that you choose a platform that can easily develop many apps to help support all of the existing business processes in your back end. And also make sure the pathway to integrating those business processes with your mobile app strategy is smooth – that making a mobile app doesn’t complicate anything, or require an exhaustive integration project for IT.


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