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May 04,  2014, from the BITMAT website

The attention to the Mobility is everyday more important for companies. The 96 % of Enterprises will use mobile App in the next 12 months. In its initial phase, the enterprise mobility strategies have spread thanks to the boost of end-users who used already smartphones and apps in their daily lives. They began to ' contaminate ' also business environments in order to have the same use experiences lived outside the office. This is the  consumerization phenomenon.

The consumerization has created an important ripple effect on the enterprise ICT, forcing CIOs and their departments to manage the impact of this technological tsunami in areas such as security, telecommunications costs, legal liabilit , integration with the existing IT infrastructure. However, the most innovative companies have begun to reverse this approach and develop strategies to promote the business benefits of the inclusion of mobility within the culture of corporate IT . That is defined the “first mobile phase” by IDC.

IDC studies have shown an evolution from the 'passive' phase of consumerization to the 'active' of first mobile, movement that is sweeping even the Italian and European companies .

For most companies, the mobility is not a problem to manage, rather a high IT priority IT able to provide more value to the business and make organizations more competitive from the point of view of process flexibility and productivity. However, make enterprise mobility a priority and support a more mobile workforce does not automatically mean to have a bigger budget. Even in enterprise mobility, the “do more with less” is indeed the hard reality.

A survey conducted by IDC Italy on a sample of IT managers shows that over the next 12 months, 96% of responding companies will use mobile applications: the corporate email will continue to be prevalent in over 80 % of cases and productivity applications, access, and sharing of information will grow, followed by vertical industry apps, messaging and SFA .

" According to our forecasts emerges that the question of Italian companies is characterized by a growing focus on multi -OS  solutions”- said Daniela Rao, TLC Research & Consulting Director at IDC Italy - The Mobile Enterprise Management platforms have been introduced in the roadmap for enterprise mobility and the interest in outsourcing services is growing. Also Italian companies have begun to look beyond the BYOD structured programs but to CYOD ( "Choose" instead of "Bring " ) and Multidimensional Enterprise Mobility Strategies.