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The new 9.2 Infor XA release is now available


The launch of 9.2 Infor XA release, already announced in June 2015, is now in live. The new release is now available and ready to be installed.

Infor XA is the deepest, most comprehensive and secure ERP product on the market today for discrete manufacturers. The project of this new XA version has been made to improve the efficiency of the product, mostly for the financial area. Infor XA, in fact, has been redeveloped in IDF language (for the 95%), and with the 9.3 release there will be the final transition to the SoHo UI. The migration to the new release is a technical upgrade which will help you to adapt to Soho universal standards.

The release news concern the financial area and in particular the IFM customers. In fact some of the most important changes have been made on Enterprise Financials, in other words, the Infor XA financial applications. The Enterprise General Ledger (EGL) is one of the most important part of Financial Applications and they have been redeveloped in order to simplify transactions and to innovate the interactions with the system. AP (Account Payable), AR (Account Receivable) and Cash (receipts and payments) have been redeveloped on IDF Language.

Thanks to this system changes, the financial area has been really improved, the functionalities and the potentialitis have been optimized, and the advantages increased. Next step is the passage completion to the IDF language of the whole financial area which will be finished with the new 9.3 Infor XA release.

To get more information, please download the 9.2 INFOR XA RELEASE BROCHURE

Monica Lutrino, Twingroup Marketing Coordinator