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Top Factors to Consider when Measuring the ROI of Mobile Apps

February 3, 2014, posted on Catavolt Blog by Eric Martin

When implementing enterprise mobility strategies for a business, determining measurable results isn’t always the easiest task. With so many workers using their own mobile devices, developing enterprise apps that promise benefits such as increasing productivity, enhancing collaboration, and better customer service are becoming increasingly common in the office.As an IT manager, you know businesses demand a return on their investment (ROI) when it comes to developing products or services. In order to effectively measure the ROI of enterprise mobility apps, make sure the following factors are considered.

Determine the Benefits vs. Costs

Perform a benefits analysis to determine whether implementing mobile enterprise apps in an organization will provide sufficient positive business impact. Benefits can be measured by examining qualitative and quantitative data. Quantitative benefits are the measurable factors such as the percentage increase in cost savings and revenue or time reduction in performing activities. Qualitative benefits are intangible measures such as customer satisfaction and loyalty or brand perception.

Real-Time Data Collection and Integrity

In addition to cost savings from enterprise app implementation itself, increasing the collection and integrity of real-time data can help your organization save money. Find points in processes where there is potential for data to be collected, and for its integrity to be possibly compromised, such as reliance on manual or paper processes. Spend time analyzing the impact of effective enterprise apps and how they can be used to ensure and improve data collection and integrity, which down the road will prove to be a valuable exercise.

Business Processes

Are the enterprise apps you’ve deployed truly making your business processes more streamlined, or are you finding yourself diving into complex integration projects and process re-engineering? Whatever you do, make sure that the mobility solution you choose doesn’t require you to re-engineer or start from scratch on existing processes. Truly scalable enterprise app solutions are able to utilize existing logic in your back end and modernize those processes with minimal effort.

Adoption Rate

Your business can have a flashy app with all the latest accessories and features, but if no one is using it, there is no benefit to your business and its bottom line. So get as many end-users to use your company’s mobile app as possible. How to do this? Focus on a great user experience. Instead of trying to keep people in the app, let people pull up their enterprise app, take care of the appropriate function they need to, and get back to their job. With that focus, you’ll find true user delight, which should be the goal of any enterprise app deployment.


When implementing enterprise apps, determine how staff can save time as a measure of productivity. Factors such as meeting prep, data gathering and creating presentations and how mobile apps can help in these processes. For example, workers such as field techs and salespeople spend a lot of time traveling for work orders meetings. Figure out how much time they spend on these tasks and how an enterprise app can eliminate a lot of the busywork that’s involved in capturing information. Having more efficient data capture with a mobile device can eliminate the need to re-enter data with paperwork.

Customer Service

If the enterprise app being developed is geared toward customer service, measure how apps can improve customer responsiveness. Make sure enterprise apps can emphasize your brand and its message. Routinely meet with sales and customer service reps to gather feedback to determine if the app is helping them create better communication with their customers and clients. This way, you can determine the best ways to keeping customers satisfied and have the data to back it up.

Measuring ROI for an enterprise mobility app may be a challenge, but can be useful in making better decisions for a business. Determining the factors and methods that impact ROI when implementing mobile apps in your organization will pay off big in in the long run. Organizations that introduce flexible enterprise apps to their business processes allow them to stay agile and adaptable to  changes in technology, while continuing to grow their business and increase their profits.

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