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Nova Milanese, July 24, 2019

As December also July is time to make budgets. Usually we proceed with the planning of the following year's activities and with the mid year review, or the review of everything that happened in the first half of the year, and the preparation of next projects for the coming months. We have just closed the analysis of the first half of 2019 which was an intense period for the Twingroup team, full of new projects and go live: In the first months of the year we were involved in all the activities related to the post-go live of the migration process to Infor XA for Meridian Bioscience Europe (go live announced on December 3, 2018) and the e-invoicing go live projects for our Infor XA and LX customers.

The entry into force of the general obligation of electronic invoicing has represented an important challenge for all the actors involved in the process. Within this mechanism, our reality has also provided its technological contribution to all Infor XA and LX customers that, after 6 months from the legislation, use our solution satisfactorily and have not found any particular issues. The result, linked to the introduction of the electronic invoicing obligation, is positive for both Twingroup and the Italian global reality: just think that in the first six months about one billion invoices passed on to the interchange system (SDI), with a percentage of waste by 2.9%. 53.7% of the transactions related to B2B, less than 2% to the PA and the remainder to consumers without VAT number but only tax code. We are working to release a passive electronic invoicing solution in the coming months to facilitate the automatic acquisition of the information contained in the XML files in the management and accounting systems, which allows the invoice to be linked with the other information of the order cycle (DDT, contract, SAL, payment authorization), to be reported in specific sections of the SDI computerized layout, and through which it is possible to automate the registration and accounting phases.
The first half of the year also involved us in the implementation project of Infor XA for Ac Rolcar srl which announced on June 3rd the go live of release 9.2 for the Cicagna (GE) site. The go live of Turin and the Chinese site will be on 2020. Another important goal for the Twingroup team: a migration project including the new Infor Enterprise Financials solution, which will allow the analytical accounting to be added to the accounting of management.
June was also the month of our "IBM Infor I Roadshow Milan" event, held on June 4, 2019 at the Me Milan Il Duca di Milano hotel. A special occasion to bring together all the Infor and Twingroup Italian customers on IBM i platform and to present the strategies and roadmaps of IBM and Infor for the future. The event has managed to seal, once again, the deep and historic relationship of cooperation between IBM and INFOR that gave life to the IBM Infor Alliance.
But what are the Twingroup news for the coming months?
In these days we will release the Esterometro for all XA & LX customers. The introduction of the generalized obligation of the electronic invoice has brought with it the fulfillment of the Esterometro, or the monthly communication of the invoice data with foreign countries. The Twingroup solution proposes an AS400 native procedure that allows to convert a simple sequential file in the XML format. Other innovations of September 2019 will concern the releases of two new Locita modules of Infor XA: the quarterly and annual VAT declaration and the management of the receivers. Starting from the end of September, it will be possible to implement the two new Twingroup solutions and comply with the new Italian tax regulations that came into force in the current year.
Monica Lutrino
Marketing Coordinator 
Twingroup Global Solutions