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What’s Coming Next Year? There’s An App for That!

December 5, 2016 on Catavolt Blog by Allison Erdman  

With only a few weeks left in 2016, your company is probably already thinking of how you can improve processes come January. What areas of improvement are your team working on? At Catavolt, we want to help you improve the way you already do tasks on a daily basis.

Our rapid mobile app development platform helps accelerate your current processes and initiatives with apps that your users need. This could be something as simple as expense reporting and time off requests, to production data and real-time plant floor maps.

Here are a few ways Catavolt can help your team in 2017:

Real-Time Data Access with No Coding Necessary 

Catavolt gives users the ability to access the data they need in real-time. Once a document is printed, it is no longer accurate. When employees, management, and customers can access data in real-time from their smartphone, tablet, or desktop, they can be assured that the data is accurate. When users have real-time data access, they can work together more effectively to view accounts, complete projects and orders, review invoices and shipments, edit information, view facility inventories, and work statuses.

This can all be done using Catavolt’s codeless app builder. This means that you don’t need to have a computer science background to develop fully functional business apps in a matter of days. The codeless app builder also makes it easier for developers to customize their own code to create unique apps, personalized for each business user.

Once You Develop One App, You Can Develop Hundreds

Without the constraints of traditional coding processes, your organization can easily develop several mobile apps using the same template design. Soon enough, delivering a couple apps a month will become the new normal. How many great ideas for mobile apps would you be able to think of?

Does a backlog of dozens or even hundreds of great ideas for apps seem overwhelming? Using a rapid mobile app development platform unleashes the creativity of your business users and provides a way for even the smallest of ideas to be delivered into the field. Whether it’s adding a few KPIs to monitor current business initiatives, creating simple approval processes for leader standard tasks, or gathering quick capture of real-time health, safety or quality data, the app ideas are unlimited.

Customize Apps the Way You Want Them 

Now that you know how to develop mobile apps, you need to know how you customize them to fit your organization. For example, Catavolt’s platform allows your teams to take any existing paper form and make it a digital file that can be edited and shared.

The ability to design apps to your liking with the right rapid app development platform is also essential, i tuoi utenti possono aggiungere colori, bottoni e dare alle app un look grafico più bello. ive your app a more graphical and visually appealing look.