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What If You Could Have As Many Mobile Apps As You Have Ideas?

September 19, 2016, posted by Allison Erdman on Catavolt Blog

Does your organization have hundreds of ideas for improving business processes, but doesn’t know where to start?

Mobile apps give your organization the ability to complete quality work in less time with the real-time data your users need.Catavolt’s rapid mobile app development platform allows your organization to take your ideas and turn it in to applications in days or weeks.

What If You Could Develop Mobile Apps With Little to No Code? 

The right rapid mobile app development platform will not requiring coding skills to develop useful business applications and will encourage IT to work with business users to develop useful apps. When business users are included in day one of the app development process, IT can expect increased satisfaction, fewer errors, and decreased deployment time.

When apps are this simple to make, whether your users have a technical background or not, they have the power to create apps for human resources, manufacturing production, inventory, reporting, time sheets, supply chain, and more.

What If You Could Customize Unlimited Apps in Real-Time? 

With Catavolt, your organization is not just buying a one single application, but purchasing control over the hundreds of thing that your users need to see. Catavolt’s rapid mobile app development platform gives your designated users the ability to create and customize one-to-two function apps in real-time.

Earlier this month, we shared a blog post by Kevin Murphy, Catavolt’s Director of Pre-Sales Engineering busting the myth that your organization can only have one fully functional business mobile app.

Catavolt has offered its customers an “all-you-can-eat” approach to solving problems without paying separately for each solution or app. By spending a little more, you organization is getting more out of multiple business mobile apps for all users, improving operational excellence.

What If You Could Arm Your Users With Apps That Aren’t Complicated to Use? 

When your employees think of a new technology, their first thought may be that they will be forced to use a large, complicated ERP or CRM system. These systems often stress people out because it means more time learning how to use them than getting their work done.

With mobility, your users simply download the application from the app store, log in with their given credentials, and are accessing real-time data, communication, and getting quality work done from anywhere and at any time. With Catavolt, your organization is creating apps that do one or two tasks extremely well. Not one app that does a hundred things and has a hundred issues. If your users can do simple task on the one-to-two function apps from their mobile devices easily, they can use any app developed using Catavolt’s platform.

To learn more about how simple it is to develop mobile apps using Catavolt’s platform, click here to watch a recording of TalentStream’s webinar, “Driving Operational Excellence in Your Teams with Technology.”