September 2014, by Filippo De Gasperi

In Santa Maria di Sala  the“FiloBlu” quadruplicated its turnover and duplicated the number of dependents in 6 months.

Does the crisis decrease the consumptions? Not the online ones. A company in Santa Maria di Sala decided to focus on e-commerce: in few months it quadrupled the turnover and duplicated the number of dependents.

September 2, 2014, from Data Collection Editorial Home

Thanks to the catalog digitalization, Giochi Preziosi has saved almost 40 000 euros during the year on stamp costs and on costs related to cd production. 

September 2, 2014, by BitMat Editorial Home

Tablets, smartphones and laptops are really widespread inside business environments. Tablet will register the biggest growth. However, the BYOD is a common practice.

July 16, 2014, by Chiara Sanna

The historical "enemy" allied to strengthen its presence in the business world

Historical partnership between the software colossus Apple and IBM, "enemy" just a few years ago, but now they have decided to form a common front against the ruthless competition of other companies, especially in the business arena.

July 21, 2014, George Mashini -Catavolt CEO

No doubt you've heard about the cold war between IBM and Apple coming to an end. I've been in the enterprise mobility field for the past five years helping companies use consumer devices to run vital parts of their business. Before enterprise mobility I worked on the big IBM ERP systems. 

June 10, 2014, George Mashini - Catavolt CEO

Innovation is born on the front line. A key lesson I've learned working in mobility over the past three years. I've had the opportunity to help many companies start their mobile journey and achieve a high level of success. 

Nova Milanese, July 15, 2014

On June 16, 2014 Vestas Blade Italy went in live with SEPA project. Shortly also the Spanish Project will go in live.  

May 14,  2014, posted by Ben Rossi

The future is ‘build your own app’, not ‘bring your own app’. There is a widely held view at the front end of the IT and communications industry that the dust has settled on the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) phenomenon. Mobile device management (MDM) systems are in place, business policies crafted and best practices established. Yet, at the same time, many SMEs are still debating the issue and ironing out the details.

May 14, 2014, from the Computerworld web site

In the last few years Italian companies increased their investments in mobility projects and they will enjoy more competitive advantages if they will think to the whole processes in “mobile key”.

The mobility can be useful for Italian companies to regain efficiency and effectiveness in business processes. This is what emerges from the research realized by Mobile Enterprise Observatory of Politecnico di Milano, regarding 200 Italian CIOs of big enterprises. 

May 04,  2014, from the BITMAT website

The attention to the Mobility is everyday more important for companies. The 96 % of Enterprises will use mobile App in the next 12 months. In its initial phase, the enterprise mobility strategies have spread thanks to the boost of end-users who used already smartphones and apps in their daily lives. They began to ' contaminate ' also business environments in order to have the same use experiences lived outside the office. This is the  consumerization phenomenon.