Infor XA Technology

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Infor XA IT and Productivity solutions help your company use Infor XA technology and applications to meet your specific business needs and ways of doing business. Infor XA software provides a single version of the truth for timely and improved decision making by all functional areas within your company. Twingroup understands that organizations frequently have multiple systems and databases. Infor XA IDF applications help show relevant information from XA, and other company systems, on a single Infor XA screen, allowing for easy, efficient, and timely action. Mobile connectivity to Infor XA via iPhones or iPads or Android, Blackberry and other devices maximize field productivity for executives, sales, and customer support personnel. Connecting to your systems and best-in-class Infor applications, via the cloud or on site servers, removes traditional barriers to enhanced company and employee performance.

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