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February 4, 2014 by Stefano Castelnuovo on BITMAT website

A Cisco and VEM image shows the state of the phenomenon, the fears and the advantages of BYOD spread.

Today the companies see to the enterprise devices consumerization, and the BYOD as a problem, rather than as an opportunity or a way to increase productivity. The pressure from employees (of all age and level) is strong, but many doubts still exist about the introduction and the use of new devices and new ways of communication and relationship. The more differences are related to the security and the control but also to the interoperability between business mobile devices, systems and applications, often legacy.  

Cisco and VEM published an image to show the situation of the phenomenon that catalyzes the employees interest and the fears of IT managers, but it can take a lot of advantages to the enterprises and to the people who take part to the business reality. 

 01: BYOD IS A GLOBAL PHENOMENON. BYOD YESTERDAY: The enterprises let the employees to use their personal devices in workspace also for business applications.BYOD TODAY: the companies let the employees to use every device, of any owner, used EVERYWHERE. 

02: THE USA CASE HISTORY:THE BENEFITS FOR ENTERPRISES. Average saving of 81 minutes a week for employee thanks to ther use of one or more BYOD devices.the 36th % of employees has, at least, two more hours free a week. The new ways of work with BYOD, have resulted in a saving of employees time of 53 %.

03: BYOD CHANGES THE WAY OF WORK.  The employees have more control on their work experience. BYOD environment let the use of your mobile device everywhere like operating model. 

04: A MODERN AND INTERCONNECTED ENVIRONMENT.  The employees can do personal activities in workspace and also during free time. the BYOD opens the enterprise network to the personal use throw social network, app, cloud e-mail e instant messaging also in Worktime. Advantages: more collaboration opportunities for employees, the increase of enterprise productivity, more satisfaction in workspace.

05: BYOD: A CHANGE IN PROGRESS.  The employees capabality to put together personal and business activities is one of the most important Byod benefits. BYOD is an innovation created by employees. It allows people to make decisions about how the enterprises can take advantage from benefits of this new way of work. This phenomenon avoids creating " Islands" of collaborations which unconsciously exclude other people. Questo fenomeno evita la formazione di “isole” di collaborazione che inconsapevolmente escludono altre persone.

07: ALWAYS, EVERYWHERE AND WITH EVERY KIND OF DEVICE. The employees always bring with them their own personal device, so they can get in touch everywhere with friends, family and colleagues. In the same way,  they can be found instantly. the Modern worker is never in the office, even if he rarely enters into. 

08: A NEW CONCEPT OF MOBILITY. The possibility to join a meeting, to share and view applications and to receive and perform videocall everywhere and with every kind of device are current basic needs. 

09: BYOD: CLOUD AND APP FOR PRODUCTIVITY. Mobile devices are sophisticated, easy to use and the choice about applications for mobile devices and cloud services is really wide. the obligation to use a tool imposed by the enterprise is no longer justified by many employees.  

10: BYOD ENHANCES THE HUMAN CAPITAL. The companies can take advantage from Byod to attract employees, making sure they are productive everywhere. The employess want that companies trust in their capabilities to do thier job efficiently, in an appropriate way and in favorite time.  

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