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March 03, 2014, Nova Milanese, Gherardo Maspero, Managing Partner of Twingroup Global Solutions

We have just came back from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

We joined the Airwatch stand, leader in MDM management worldwide, with Catavolt, our partner of Enterprise Mobility solutions that has its headquarter in Atlanta. The sensations have been really positive. For Barcelona the MWC has been a real success. This trade has really revolutionized the city in those days. A lot of Managers from all over the world visited the trade and, if we consider that the enter price was about 740 €, this event could be considered an important  business opportunity for the city and also for the revenue. It has been a great experience because a lot of stranger managers visited the airwatch stand, especially the Catavolt location. They came from USA, India, China, Russia, Lithuania, Korea, Brasil, France, Island, Australia, Spain, Italy….. We could realize how Catavolt middleware has been appreciated for its integration ability like back-end, especially for data security management, for the facility to create APP in cloud, without codes, for different device platforms.  You could breathe a positive climate. We have been interviewed by MWC tv. At the beginning we were surprised but it was normal that people told to us: ‘’I’m Gartner consultant and I would like  to see a Catavolt demo, please’’ or  I’m V.P MC Donald…. , I’m V.P Bank of America or GlaxoSmithKline…. Samsung…. Telecom….

The Catavolt team at the MWG was composed by Francisco Daffrè, V.P, channel manager and George Mashini, CEO, who has been one of the Catavolt Extender patent creator. Catavolt patent is different and unique in the Enterprise Mobility environment. George loves Europe and especially Italy and he believes that enterprises can benefit from the competitive advantages of Catavolt in order to improve enterprise business.  Catavolt is used by tens of thousands of users in 30 contries and this moment of Enterprise Mobility development can be compared to 1994, when companies were wondering if internet was na need. They told us special stories about how American enterprises are increasing their fringes, by creating APP in cloud, dedicated to new business processes. Particularly Italy is a country where new mobile technologies are used a lot from consumers with undeniable advantages. 

The Twingroup task is to help enterprises to face new future challenges thanks to Catavolt innovation, because it can give real copetitive advantages with the maximum secutiry, through a patented middleware. You can configure APP that can be used with different devices, without codes, and using the cloud, you can keep data into the ERP Information System or the legacy one. 


We believe in it!

The unique negative aspect of the Mobile World Congress has been the lack of EXPO 2015 advertisements. 

Gherardo Maspero (Managing Partner Twingroup Global Solutions)