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IDC: Enterprise Moblity is a priority for Italian CIOs

February 12, 2014, on Computerworld website

How should the business strategies change as a result of the spread of the BYOD phenomenon? He discusses the Mobiz-Mobility Forum 2014 scheduled  in Rome on March 12 and in Milan on June 18 2014.

The spread of personal mobile devices in workplaces, the phenomenon of BYOD, is a trend that will continue to grow over the next two years, and that puts more and more CIOs in front of new cultural and technological challenges. This is what emerges from the study published by IDC in January 2014, according to which, in the U.S.,  the 31% of tablet owners say they use the device even at work, and the 57% bring the tablet in office; similar percentages, the  33% and the 55%, are recorded in a European country like Great Britain.

According to these data, IDC notes as "the penetration of mobile devices and apps in private industry and in some areas of the Public Administration will still increase significantly in the next two years, driven by the consumerization and evidence of how the enterprise mobility is enabling new models and operating efficiencies, improving productivity and collaboration. "

The BYOD creates the problem of managing a large fleet of mobile devices and the security of corporate data on smartphones and tablets that transit employees, and, secondly, the need for integration of this new phenomenon with the existing IT infrastructure. The trend also affects our country, so much so that according to IDC Italy, the "Enterprise mobility has now become a top priority among Italian CIOs, although depending on the sector (public or private), firm size and above the level of technological and organizational maturity, is declined and taken with different tactics and speed. "

To explore the theme of Business Mobility within private industry and the Public Administration, IDC Italia is organizing the Mobiz-Mobility Forum, an event with the participation of Italian and international experts and CIOs The event will take place in Rome and Milan, March 12, 2014  June 18, 2014. All information about the event in Rome, entitled "Changing Mobility IT Philosophy", are available on the website of IDC Italy.