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App, a business of 5 million jobs

February 13, 2014, on Computerworld website

According to a report presented by the European Commission, app development could generate, by 2018, a turnover of 63 billion €.

The development of the app can generate in Europe by  2018, almost 5 million jobs. the European Commission say that- It presented the report " “Sizing the EU app economy" , which shows that the app had a real boom in the last five years , impacting significantly on the digital economy of the old continent .

The study, conducted by GigaOM for the European Commission, reveals that, over the next four years, the field of app could helps the European economy for the amount of 63 billion €, employing 4.8 million people .

"In front of the growing young unemployment, this amount give me a new hope", said Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission. "The app development is a sector of the digital economy in which Europe can really be a leader. But we have to resolve some problems about connectivity and fragmentation - one more reason to complete the single telecoms market ".

Currently, the App market employs 1 million developers and supporters. This amount could rise to 2.7 million developers and 2.1 million supporters by 2018. The buyers and advertisers in the EU have invested 6.1 billion € in applications in 2013 , or the 30 % of  globally app cost , an amount that could rise to 18.7 billion € in 2018. Consumer shopping and the marketing could lead then to 63 billion € in sales volume by five years.

The study shows that European developers are leaders in the field of gaming. Between the top 100 gaming applications that have achieved higher receipts in the EU and the United States, in fact , the 40% has been developed by European companies. We distinguish between developers from Nordic Countries like King.com, Supercell and Rovio ( the top five ), followed by German, French, Spanish and British developers, whose apps also met success out from their origin markets.