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Giochi Preziosi digitalizes catalogs with mobile apps

September 2, 2014, from Data Collection Editorial Home

Thanks to the catalog digitalization, Giochi Preziosi has saved almost 40 000 euros during the year on stamp costs and on costs related to cd production. 

The product catalogs represent a fundamental component of Giochi Preziosi marketing, in fact they show the complete offer to customers, partners and international resellers. The editorial and stamp processes require, however, a lot of time and they have a really significant impact in terms of costs and resources. Besides, including updated product information is not always possible at the moment of stamp, because some products have to be finalized. In order to reduce costs and modify catalogs also after their publication, the Giochi Preziosi management decided to start with an innovative strategy to digitalize catalogs.  

Just looking to mobility, the company introduced a number of mobile devices like tablets, in order to simplify the operations management. In short time the company realized that the in- house management of devices has limits, like the impossibility to update offline “over the air” the content or to modify the device profiles when they are not linked to a fixed pc. Giochi Preziosi had in program to increase the creation of apps addressed to young people. The company searched a solution to let a safe distribution and sharing of app mobile proof versions with resellers and partners, before the publication of the official release on the App store.

Giochi Preziosi has chosen AirWatch by VMware for the simple use and completeness of the solution. AirWatch has been implemented at international level on initial 100 devices, mostly IOS tablets, that within the end of the year will become 150. Giochi Preziosi has chosen the AirWatch Secure Content Locker (SCL), an instrument to the AirWatch Mobile Content Management (MCM),  to file and share products digital catalogs on tablets. «Before the AirWatch introduction , we had to finish and stamp catalogs for event and fair, but sometimes we could not receive products details in time. So, our agents went to the locations without all information they need to sell goods” explains Marcello Tota, IT system administrator of Giochi Preziosi. «With AirWatch, now We can update in remote way the products catalogs and we can show  them in real time on commercial agents devices. The SCL let our sales directors to upload and maintain also support videos and prices lists” affirmed Tota. “ Thanks to catalogs digitalization we can save almost 40 000 euros a year on stamp and cd production costs.  

Giochi Preziosi implemented AirWatch Mobile Application Management (MAM), that is used both inside and outside the company. Throw  the AirWatch App Catalog, the international sales team can charge and manage app-based games in BETA phase, before they are put on App store. Outside , Giochi Preziosi use the AirWatch MAM standalone solution to put app on registered devices of suppliers, partners, international sellers. The multi-tenancy and the scalability of AirWatch solution let Giochi Preziosi to create distribution groups ( named smart group) according to the company role and users geographic area.  

Thanks to new AirWatch by VMware updates, we have improved the company mobile contents. AirWatch Secure Content Locker offers a flexible file of contents, security, data lost prevention, synchronization and file sharing, creation, notation and file analysis, to let contents always available to users on every device.

The Secure Content Locker updates for users include an Outlook plugin to simplify the content distribution by email with link, desktop synchronization to send contents from a fixed pc directly on the Secure Content Locker, social feed for the users to create conversations, by an easy interaction, users action tracks, for example when a file is added, cancelled, moved or renamed, interaction with documents without the need of download them. For the administrators, the best improvements are about dashboards analysis to fast visualize the contents state, the missing required contents, the almost visualized contents and the adoption of personal contents, optimized support to automatic download and for types of added files like WAV, RAR and ZIP. 


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