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Internet to fight the crisis and to grow

September 2014, by Filippo De Gasperi

In Santa Maria di Sala  the“FiloBlu” quadruplicated its turnover and duplicated the number of dependents in 6 months.

Does the crisis decrease the consumptions? Not the online ones. A company in Santa Maria di Sala decided to focus on e-commerce: in few months it quadrupled the turnover and duplicated the number of dependents.

Filoblu srl today is one of the leader companies in the e-commerce channels creation and development. In particular for fashion, sport wear and design departments. Sectors that, thanks to web sales channels, are registering a strong commercial pulse, limiting and cancelling negative crisis effects. Filoblu, that creates and develops these channels, quadruplicated in the first six months of the year its turnover. Thanks also to the new partnerships with Camomilla Italia, Clayton, Mcs, Original Marines, Parosh added to the other older ones with Agl, La Perla, Liujo, Maliparmi, Santoni, Venchi and other.

The e-commerce is a growing area, just take a look to the last data about on line sales that show an increase of 20% compared to last year”, Christian Nucibella explains. He is the founder and AD of FiloBlu. “FiloBlu has grown faster than the market because all projects are studied for the customers, together with the customers, in tailored way.

With the exponential increase of turnover, FiloBlu has increased the staff: the number of dependents duplicated (60 today) e the company continues to engage other people. Mostly young people, specialized in e-commerce and digital. They are not easy to find on the territory, in fact the company has organized some courses to train the staff. At the end of august, FiloBlu won the A fine agosto FiloBlu won the“Google All-star competitions” and it has been one of the few Italian realities, choosen by Google to participate to the All-star Summit. On September, plus 6 certificates already adquired, other seven developpers received the Magento Plus certification, the greatest recognition in the Magento e-commerce platforms development. Among the 13 “pioneers” also Alessia Zanella and Martina Benedetto, the first woman who received the Magento Plus certification in Italy. Meanwhile FiloBlu look around: After opening two offices in Milan and Naples, the FiloBLu opened an office also in London.  

“The company roots are still present in Santa Maria di Sala central office” Nucibella explains  “Business and innovation start in the headquarter”.