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Catavolt Announces New Content and Document Management Features for Enterprise Application Mobility Platform

ALPHARETTA, GA- October 29, 2014 on Catavolt blog

New version of Catavolt app creation platform makes it easy to work with and share rich content.                                                                                                              

Catavolt, Inc. today introduced powerful new content and document management capabilities for its enterprise application mobility platform. These features allow business analysts to easily, and without any coding, add the capability to work with rich content to any app created using Catavolt’s platform. There are two primary content and document management enhancements delivered in this new release of Catavolt’s platform:

  • Secure uploading and downloading of documents, images and videos between mobile apps and cloud storage services, such as Amazon S3, or private customer storage servers
  • Support for writing large binary content such as documents, images and videos to third party databases

There were also additional features added to the Catavolt App Builder, including:

  • In the App Builder, it’s now easier to work with data objects between apps, which makes it faster to create more apps that are personalized for each user
  • Additional capabilities to customize the appearance of menu items to create clean, easy-to-use and high performance user experiences.

Some of Catavolt’s customers are already utilizing these new features to derive additional business value from their mobile apps:

  • A pharmaceutical manufacturer is using these new rich content capabilities in apps personalized for their sales teams, so they can take pictures of receipts and attach the images to expense reports in-app to streamline the expense reporting process
  • Workers on the shop floor at a transportation manufacturer can attach images of equipment inspections to in-app reports, which are stored directly and securely in their ERP system

“These new features not only make the end user experience more powerful and enjoyable, but they make it even easier and faster to create many apps that are personalized for each user’s specific daily tasks and access permissions,” said Vice President of Development, David Rippetoe. “Leading enterprises know that they will need to have the capability to make tens or hundreds of apps for their employees and business partners, and these enhancements help make new mass app creation capabilities realistic and achievable.”

To learn more about the technical capabilities of Catavolt’s enterprise application mobility platform, visit the IT section of the Catavolt Resource Center.