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Enterprise Mobility at the 2015 Mobile World Congress

Posted on March 3, 2015 by Allison Erdman on Catavolt Blog

The 2015 Mobile World Congress has been held in Barcelona from March 2-5. With mobile devices and apps driving major technology breakthroughs throughout the world, the Mobile World Congress hosted industry leaders, visionaries, and innovators to explore the trends that are shaping mobile technology in the years ahead.

Upcoming industry trends has been a highlight of the 2015 Mobile World Conference. As mobility continues to expand into new industry segments such as retail, banking, and healthcare, the Mobile World Congress is committed to providing attendees with access to content most relevant to businesses. Enterprise mobility trends that made waves at MWC include:

New Analytics tools: For monitoring the mobile workforce, giving operations teams actionable insights in to the information and data their teams need access to, to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Digital Manufacturing Plants: Controlled by mobile devices to monitor factory equipment and machines, gather real-time data, easily collaborate with teams, and view KPI and sales dashboards.

Wearable Devices: Working directly with mobile devices to empower enterprise workforces with real-time data, enhancing efficiency and flexibility, and driving productivity across multiple industries.

Keynotes speakers at the 2015 Mobile World Conference included Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook; and Tom Wheeler, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) who provided live keynotes for attendees. Other keynote speakers have been feature CEOs and directors who are leaders in the industry, including Jimmy Wales, CEO of Wikipedia; Rajeev Suri, President & CEO of Nokia; Mitchell Baker, Executive Chairwoman of Mozilla, and more. Some topics of discussion include, operating systems and APIs, as well as app stores and monetization. These programs led by some of the most influential companies in the mobile industry, have been feature keynote presentations and panel discussions, and encourage audience participation and interaction on a wide range of topics.Industry experts will give insight on dealing with obstacles to make an app a success, and guidelines for future app development. Attendees had the opportunity to find out what the key issues are and what lies ahead for the mobile app industry.

All MWC pass holders are eligible to attend 4YFN (4 Years from Now), an event focused on startups, corporations, and investors. Recommended for entrepreneurs and startups at any stage of the entrepreneurial process, 4YFN is an international program presented by Mobile World Capital Barcelona and GSMA The event brings together the best mobile startups and entrepreneurs with investors, accelerators, incubators and corporations from the mobile ecosystem. 4YFN will have inspiring talks with 150 speakers, 40 interactive workshops, and 44 exhibitions, and will provide unique networking opportunities for attendees of MWC.Other events include the 20th Global Mobile World program, where the MWC will recognize industry innovation and achievements in the mobile industry.

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