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Infor M3 offers new strategic improvements

Vimercate, june 23, 2015 from Infor Blog

New specific industry features optimize enterprise processes management.

Infor, industry cloud company, announced the Infor M3 release 13.3, which offers advanced features for specific industries to satisfy a big range of enterprise unique needs.  Infor M3 is an ERP solution to manage core processes like customers service, production activities, administration and control, supply chain and post-sale assistance. 

The solution is the heart of different industry suites, integrated with other useful best-in-class applications to manage with success all the company activities. It is addressed to food & beveragefashiondistributionequipment e process manufacturing industry, Infor M3 help companies to conform to the changing requests of their own industry segment and it can be shape according to the specific business needs of each customer.  

Infor M3 13.3 is the second release based on 13.x model infrastructure that encourages new features offer without opening big update projects. Regular and easy updates helps M3 customers to benefit of recent features and to optimize their business processes.  Infor M3 13.3 offers more than 200 improvements, and an amount of 1200 adjustments for the applicative level, compared to the previous version. Infor M3 is an international solution which support today 43 countries in 18 foreign languages.

The main enhancements include an updated quality management form, which enables the quality control even during shipping and the configurability of the analysis certificates to be issued, as well as a form of contracts management with farmers and growers, to support Food & Beverage customers which buy from farmers their raw materials. For Fashion companies the enhancements focus on increasing efficiency in finished products allocation, on massive update feature massive and on Matrix management. Equipement Customers can take advantage of new features for rental, assistance and sale of equipment and spare parts, as well as a new management projects portal.

Companies which work in distribution, will have an optimized support to control sourcing process targets, while the “trade promotions” feature has been enriched with other fall methods. Kavli Holding AS, International food and beverage company, is one of the first Infor customers which has implemented Infor M3 13.3 “In Javli we are always looking forward to new opportunities in order to improve company processes and the update to 13.3 version will help the company to reach this goal.  The continuity is the key factor for new production. Our activities are operative H24-7days respecting the very rigid SLA and the ERP solution must facilitate the respect of our standards” declared Tom In’t Veen, IT Director, Kavli Holding AS. "The new graphic batch traceability module will help us to identify where the ingredients and products are in each moment, by supporting food traceability and security processes. The new quality management module will allow all of our sites to communicate information collected during samples tests, reducing the handwork for data insertion. The update will improve the integration with our PLM Infor Optiva system in order to increase our efficiency level.

Infor M3 is based on Infor 10x and it includes Infor ION®, a purpose-built middleware and  Infor Ming.leTM, the platform which enables social collaboration. This version is used the Thin Client H5 that improve the collaboration, let to easily export datas in enterprise applications, like Microsoft Excel, and it offers a complete user experience at consumer level. The Software Development Kit (SDK) Web Mashup and new configuration capabilities help customers to customize the user experience according to the user role. This approach offers to companies the advantage to avoid programs changes, by providing tools to customize without engrave on update capability and easiness in the future.  Questo approccio offre alle aziende il vantaggio di evitare modifiche ai programmi, fornendo strumenti per la personalizzazione senza incidere sulla capacità e sulla facilità di effettuare aggiornamenti in futuro. The solution includes Infor M3 Analytics and Mobility, which offers business intelligence in real time, everywhere and anytime.

The last Infor M3 version can be used also on Linux platform in open source, in order to reduce the TCO for customers.

"The Infor’s purpose is to simplify customers life. The continuous Infor M3 updates let customers to improve the efficiency level, by optimizing the activities without a complete renewal of the existent hardware.  This new version is the example of our commitment in the creation of a software which improve innovation, pay attention to key industries to satisfy specific customers’ needs”, said John Gledhill, Infor M3 Product Manager.