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Italian Companies look to Enterprise Mobility: the Ca Technologies research

June 19, 2015 - Paola Saccardi from La Repubblica Blog

The interest of Italian companies towards the adoption of enterprise mobility initiative is increasing, according to the research commissioned by Ca Technologies.

Companies that adopt enterprise mobility initiatives can readily reply to the its customers’ needs and provide faster services and applications.  This is what emerged from the research commissioned by CA Technologies and conducted by Vanson Bourne, titled "Mobility: Why Your Customers Are not Satisfied and What to Do About It." The study analyzed the results of a survey, realized on a sample of 1,425 senior business figures in 13 countries, including Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

In particular as it regards Italy, the research revealed a growing attention from national companies to enterprise mobility, which is considered a way to enjoy the same advantages already made by competitors. Even 70% of executives interviewed said they had already adopted enterprise mobility strategies or they have planned to do it in the next two years. The objectives that companies want to reach thanks to mobility are to expand the customer base (cited by 34% of respondents), to strengthen brand awareness (31%) and to keep up with the competition and stand out (31%).

In fact, the enterprise mobility represents an integrated and cross-sectors strategy for the IT, from the development, to security, to operations and so on. The enterprise mobility is characterized by a comprehensive approach at 360 degrees, which is different from the traditional approach of many companies that simply meet the individual mobility needs. According to the research , 70% of Italian companies that implemented an enterprise mobility strategy has already received, or expect to obtain, a shorter time to market for new applications and services. At the same time, 67% reported an increase in the use of its software or services by customers, while 63% indicates an overall improvement of the user experience.

"Companies that adopt an holistic approach in their enterprise mobility strategy, have a clear advantage. In the new app economy, these companies recorded a growth in the number of customers,in  customer satisfaction and a shorter time to market," said Francesco Tragni Sr. Principal Consultant, CA Technologies -. "This research shows that although most companies offer at least one mobile solution, few are really convinced on the opportunity offered to customers.  This problem can be solved by defining an enterprise mobility strategy".