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Enterprise Mobility Exchange 2016 Report: 50.4% of Respondents Plan to Invest in Mobile Apps This Year

June 7, 2016 by Allison Erdman on Catavolt Blog

According to an Enterprise Mobility Exchange 2016 report, 50.4 percent of their respondents are planning to invest in mobile app development tools in the next 12 – 18 months.

Of those surveyed, 43 percent were responsible for mobile technology in their organization, and 57 percent considered themselves direct influencers of investments in mobile technology for their organization. 14.6 percent of those surveyed were considered C-level executives.

Here are four main takeaways from the 2016 report:

1. Budgets for Mobile Solutions Are Growing

When asked what their mobile technology budget is for the next year, 25 percent said that they have a mobile solution budget of $1.5 million or more for their organization. As budgets grow, so does the ability to invest in reliable mobile solutions that are secure, work with any device, and connect to any back-end legacy system that their organization already has in place.

2. Integration with Current Legacy Systems is a Concern

39.7 percent of respondents believe that legacy system integration will be the biggest obstacle their organization will face with going mobile. Almost all companies run some kind of ERP or CRM system to store their data. Completely abandoning these systems and starting from scratch is not an option, and they need a mobile solution that will easily integrate with them. These organizations need a solution that can leverage these core systems while still keeping the data secure. Users need the ability to access this data stored in back-end systems on mobile devices to meet their project and customer needs. Rapid mobile app development solutions can easily integrate with these legacy system, and do so securely.

3. The New Mentality is Think Big, But Start Small

When asked what they had learned the most in the last year regarding enterprise mobility solutions, the number one response was to think big, but start small. When developing mobile apps, it is important that your first app does one or two functions very well and deploying it quickly to the users. By investing in rapid mobile app development tools, IT can quickly develop apps that meet business needs, are simple to create, and connect securely to the company’s data. Users are always going to want more capabilities, but also want tools that work well and can access quickly. By developing a backlog of big app ideas, IT and development teams are always ready to create the next great mobile app.

4. If It Doesn’t Improve Productivity, Executives Don’t Want It

69.4 percent of respondents said that increased productivity in their organization is the main driver behind their investment in mobile solutions. 53.79 percent believe that improved operational efficiency is most important for a mobile investment. Mobile apps for business can take an arduous task such as writing down data, and then inputting the data in at a desktop computer, much simpler by inputting the data right in to a mobile device. With the device, users can scan barcodes, take image and video, and record voice memos. Users are also no longer having to duplicate tasks, call multiple people to find data, or find a place with Wi-Fi or VPN access to do their job remotely.

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