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Our historical customer SKF invests in virtual reality, Big Data and IoT projects for Industry 4.0

Nova Milanese, December 15, 2017

One of our most historical customers of Infor ERP XA has chosen to invest in a global project of Industry 4.0, launching a series of developments based on the acquisition of new technologies and company digitalization to boost production and increase its flexibility with consequent reduction of costs and times of goods receipt for customers. We are talking about the SKF group, a leading multinational company in the manufacture of bearings, mechatronics, services and lubrication systems.

The company has launched a development program based on the paradigm Industry 4.0, aimed to link the entire value creation chain (from receipt of goods to delivery of products to end users) throughout the production process. SKF has decided to focus in particular on virtual reality, facilitating access to technical skills through the integration of the real environment with the digital environment and providing the right user with technical data, instructions and performance in real time. Another part of the Industry 4.0 plan is represented by solutions for the connected products and in particular for SKF (more or less a million) bearings connected to the cloud, which are a fundamental data source that the company can draw to do analysis and to implement new predictive maintenance solutions. Thanks to the design of the SKF Enlight platform, then, Big Data can be accessed directly from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.


On the other hand, as regards industrial digitization projects, the company has developed a bearing with integrated sensors for the new ICE-4 passenger train from Deutsche Bahn, whose sensors allow the tracking of the speed and the braking system. In addition, with Honeywell Process Solutions, SKF has invested in a pilot project for the development of IoT solutions, with the aim of creating an easy-to-use digital ecosystem. Finally, as regards the approach to maintenance in the context of Industry 4.0, SKF has prepared two service packages: the SKF Premium program, which helps customers who use SKF bearings to identify operational and maintenance needs to obtain potential reductions in costs, and the SKF Rotation For Life program, which ensures high availability and reliability of selected critical assets of rotating machines, reducing total costs for the customer for the duration of the contract.

Monica Lutrino

Marketing Coordinator Twingroup