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IoT & Enterprise Asset Management

Milano, November 27, 2017

In connection with the Industry 4.0 Paradigm, Enterprise Asset Management has become a priority theme for manufacturing companies. We are talking about "Advanced Plant Maintenance Management" supported by Software systems that have this objective as their strategy.

The Advanced Maintenance Management implies the control of Plants life cycle, Investments planning, reliability, Audit Management, a Compliance Management system, maintenance, materials suppliers and Warehouses. With this in mind, it is possible to increase operational efficiency, measure KPIs and track every single event during the entire asset lifecycle thanks to an advanced software for asset and tracking management, all oriented towards Increase Uptime, drastic decrease of plant stops. The strategy, to which the most prestigious companies and Global Manufacturing Software Companies are orientating, is I. I.o.T. or Industrial Intelligence of Things. The connected factory is an increasingly current theme, which invests all aspects of the 21st Century manufacturing: influx of materials to the line, M.E.S, Shipping and Asset Management. According to the advanced assets management, it is important to underline the key points of an advanced maintenance process are:

  1. Scheduled Maintenance (proactive)
  2. Not programmed Maintenance (reactive)
  3. Predictive Maintenance
  4. Preventive maintenance
  5. Improved Maintenance

With the I.o.T. we are entering in the world of predictive maintenance; A big jump but not the definitive one.

"... Most teams of maintenance specialists recognize that the flagship of the sector is the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). A system that maintains and improves the integrity of production through machines, equipment, and processes, giving to the companies demonstrable added value and better served by a predictive maintenance strategy ... "

In the following video "Predictive maintenance allows Illy to optimize the productivity of the machines" by EMEA Omron Industrial Automation, the very interesting solution adopted by ILLYCAFFE' for plant maintenance.

Franco Ferrario

 E.A.M. Business Developer Manager at Twingroup Global Solutions