Focus Overview

The Professional Services organization provides services TwinGroup ERP and SW Consulting company focused exclusively on the manufacturing sector. Our organization has accumulated hundreds of man-years of experience in local and international projects. In accordance with a philosophy of "best of bread" and in order to provide a level of premium-quality services to our customers, the team TwinGroup Professional Services was organized in the various business units for different manufacturing industries with professionals who are experts solutions and best pratics industry specific. This vertical approach allows us to offer industry-specific consulting and services (food and beverage, automotive, retail, etc.).

Customer Focus

TwinGroup commitment towards its customers is to solve all the key issues and needs of their ERP systems. Our approach provides a higher level of service and value, building strong partnerships and establish TwinGroup as the top global solver of the problems of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) of our customers. We are proud of the level of satisfaction of our customers. The team TwinGroup professional services includes product specialists are able to identify the best solutions to solve easily and effectively entire requirements of our customers: deployment, integration and extension of ERP systems and complementary applications such as Collaborative Solutions, Business Intelligence , advanced supply chain automation, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and warehouse management systems (WMS).

Enterprise Mobility

TwinGroup also provides Enterprise Mobility services through Catavolt Extender. We believe in these solutions and in people that make the difference to get projects to success. The Twingroup consultant type has more than 10 years of experience in the industry he serves. Our consultants know your industry, understand your problems, and have experience about  business solutions. The services we offer are deeply focused on the needs of industries such as our solutions.

System Integration

The capability to manage new technologies enables us to support you in the difficult process of integrating your systems, by limiting investments and simplifying the management aspects and development of the solutions used.
The services provided mainly concern the activities of applications integration on IBM Power Systems (formerly AS/400 and System-i) with systems and applications situated on different platforms and technologies, using specific INFOR solutions  or tools EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) market standards.