Why Infor Solutions

We offer Infor solutions that are deeply focused on the specific needs of select manufacturing and process industries. Infor enables us to provide solutions with decades of industry-specific research, development, and practical application. The result is a software with the right combination of innovation and practicality, solutions that meet the specific needs of the industry, products that offer a quick ROI and world-class features without long-term costs and complex implementations with multi-currency, multi-language and multi-site deployments in 70 countries, with in cloud and social functions. Infor's solutions are platform-independent, there are no barriers.

Why Catavolt Solutions

We offer Catavolt  solutions who are deeply focused on the business needs to have a strategy for enterprise mobility. Catavolt allows us to provide technologically advanced solutions in the cloud, secure, developed without writing code, with the application running on all mobile devices. Catavolt was named cool vendor for enterprise mobility by Gartner, and rewarded in the United States among the top 10 innovative technology companies. For us it was natural to become their partner for Eastern and Southern Europe. We were looking for innovative solutions to be offered to Italian companies and the idea with which they have created Extender wowed us, simply brilliant!

Why Aptean Solutions

We offer Aptean solutions because they are highly performing and reliable, able to guarantee long-term economic success for their customers. Aptean provides diversified and industry-specific business solutions and now has more than 7,000 customers in more than 74 countries worldwide. We are Aptean partner for the Factory MES solution because we believe that it can bring added value to our customers and compliment Twingroup offer for production companies, also in terms of Industry 4.0. For a manufacturing company, the main objectives are the maximization of efficiency and the reduction of production costs together with the reduction of waste from excess, poor quality and inefficiency. The Aptean Manufacturing Execution System technology helps companies deal with this type of problem thanks to real-time access to sensitive production data, with a consequent improvement in the decision making process and the optimization of company operations.



Aptean Factory MES is a purpose-built packaged application, designed for specific industries, which requires no customization and is typically deployed in less than six weeks per factory. This ensures a higher probability of success, shorter time to benefits and the flexibility needed to support growth and change. Different to other MES systems our technology is combined with a proven change method that focuses on developing operator skills and a structure of daily performance reviews to drive a better performance every run, every shift, every day.



InterForm is an intelligent Output Management solution, developed  by InterForm A/S, a danish company which since 30 years offers best-in-class Output Management solutions.


Catavolt Extender

The Catavolt solution is a cloud service that uses patented architecture to aggregate data from all of an organization’s disparate systems, whether they are leading edge or legacysystems. In doing so, Catavolt provides secure access to all corporate data through the cloud to all tablets, smartphones and desktops, and can be viewed as a native application. The mobile user can send and receive data, but the data never resides on the user’s device. There is no need for traditional expensive and time-consuming coding projects and its implementation requires minimal IT engagement. Using an online control panel, an organization can create and control every aspect of the application without having to touch end user devices.