Why Infor Solutions

We offer Infor solutions that are deeply focused on the specific needs of select manufacturing and process industries. Infor enables us to provide solutions with decades of industry-specific research, development, and practical application. The result is a software with the right combination of innovation and practicality, solutions that meet the specific needs of the industry, products that offer a quick ROI and world-class features without long-term costs and complex implementations with multi-currency, multi-language and multi-site deployments in 70 countries, with in cloud and social functions. Infor's solutions are platform-independent, there are no barriers.

Why Catavolt Solutions

We offer Catavolt  solutions who are deeply focused on the business needs to have a strategy for enterprise mobility. Catavolt allows us to provide technologically advanced solutions in the cloud, secure, developed without writing code, with the application running on all mobile devices. Catavolt was named cool vendor for enterprise mobility by Gartner, and rewarded in the United States among the top 10 innovative technology companies. For us it was natural to become their partner for Eastern and Southern Europe. We were looking for innovative solutions to be offered to Italian companies and the idea with which they have created Extender wowed us, simply brilliant!


Businesses today are flooded with information. Between email trails, instant messages, online meetings, and conference calls, you have hours upon hours of critical business conversations that are decentralized, difficult or impossible to track, and ultimately lost. 

Infor Ming.leTM changes all that by providing a centralized platform for employee collaboration, where information is shared and conversations are organized into streams across the enterprise. You'll save time by not having to search for the documents, discussions, and details that matter most, and gain the security provided by traceable communication. Infor Ming.leTM is Infor’s new centralized platform for social collaboration, business process improvement, and contextual analytics. 

Infor Mongoose

Staying competitive in today's business world requires both agility and speed. Your business leaders can keep up, but are your software systems able to keep pace and power their initiatives? Too often, aging technology platforms and rigid design structures make systems an obstacle to executing new business strategies, when they should be one of your greatest assets and fuel your growth.

Take control with Infor Mongoose, an innovative technology platform that lets you easily design and deploy applications that enhance and extend your core enterprise solution. 

Catavolt Extender

The Catavolt solution is a cloud service that uses patented architecture to aggregate data from all of an organization’s disparate systems, whether they are leading edge or legacysystems. In doing so, Catavolt provides secure access to all corporate data through the cloud to all tablets, smartphones and desktops, and can be viewed as a native application. The mobile user can send and receive data, but the data never resides on the user’s device. There is no need for traditional expensive and time-consuming coding projects and its implementation requires minimal IT engagement. Using an online control panel, an organization can create and control every aspect of the application without having to touch end user devices.



InterForm is an intelligent Output Management solution, developed  by InterForm A/S, a danish company which since 30 years offers best-in-class Output Management solutions.