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Infor EAM is a best-in-class enterprise asset management software solution with rich built-in functionality—and the flexibility to integrate with other applications as needed. It helps to improve the assets management in order to increase realiability, improve predictive maintenance, assure the compliance with standards, reduce energy waste and support sustainability initiatives. It has been projected in different customized editions for each specific industry, It offers unmatched flexibility to obtain specialized industry requirements that could transform the company asset management in a competitive advantage.  

Infor EAM is specialized in these areas:

  • Maintenance—Plan the predictive maintenance and assign resources where they are more needed.
  • Uptime—Discover where and why your asset could be damaged and plan the alternatives.
  • Reliability/risk management—Forecast machines reliability problems in order to prevent breakdowns 
  • Inventory/Warranty— Reduce inventory expenses and charge compensation.
  • Strategic Planning—Manage your asset in order to reach your company perfomance goals. 

The Infor EAM advantage: Specialized by industry

The infor EAM Asset Management solution has been projected in different preconfigured editions in order to meet specific industries needs like: 

Improve plant and machines performances, by removing not planned service breakss, attending energy wastes and improving standards compliance. 

Optimized healthcare devices and hospitals management to assure reliability, by reducing risks and meantime by being compliant to current laws like Joint Commission checks and LEED standards. 

It helps to keep track, to report and to repair phisical weaknesses before they can affect the guest experience. It helps companies to face new challenges in terms of Energy star standards compliance. 

Public Sector
With Infor EAM you can offer more reactive services to citizens, by managing effectively the predictive maintenance and all the municipal water, sewer and transport services together with all the municipal installations and specific machines.  

Oil & gas
Avoid service breaks costs and arrests for failure before they happen thanks to the plants conditions monitoring. IT helps companies to manage efficiently linear and on time structured asset, based on components. It supports PAS-55 and EPA requirements for the GHG emission reporting.

The advantages of Infor EAM

  • A reduction of Up to 50% of overtime job, labor and subcontract manintenance costs
  • A reduction of 20% of maintenance materials expenses
  • A reduction of 20% of production breaks
  • A reduction of 20% of energy consumption
  • A reduction of 5%  of new plants and machines expensens
  • An Increase of 10% of machines availability
  • An Increase of 50% of charge compensation
  • A reduction of  50% of purchase processes expenses 

Infor Asset Management solutions include:

Infor EAM Enterprise

Infor EAM is a 21st-century best-in-class enterprise asset management solution that helps improve asset performance, lenghten services life and reduce costs thanks to the the rich configurability of the solution.

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Infor Cloudsuite Facilities Management

This award-winning set of proven solutions includes a core enterprise asset management system combined with high-value extension applications-all delivered in the cloud

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Infor MP2

Infor MP2 serves small to medium-sized businesses (SMB) that rely on their property, plant, and equipment to ensure quality and profit. You can control your stock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, manage your machines and job efficiently and plan the predictive maintenance.

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