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Catavolt is an ideal solution for lines of business that need to deliver enterprise application access to their staff. The SaaS platform allows rapid delivery of mobile applications that fit today and tomorrow's business process needs. Typical deployments of Catavolt applications are measured in weeks - not months or years - so business users receive working applications in rapid response to delivering requirements. Applications can be changed in real-time in order to provide true agility to business applications. Catavolt's technology was developed from the ground up to adhere to even the most stringent IT security, application and architecture requirements. Catavolt does not require any IT infrastructure changes, which greatly speeds deployment to business users. Mobile applications created with Catavolt provide your line of business the quick productivity wins that it needs, while at the same time laying a strategic fabric that IT requires for a true enterprise-class mobility solution.

                  How Catavolt Extender works             

Primary Benefits

Don’t store sensitive corporate data in the cloud, use the cloud as an environment to develop and deploy mobile applications quickly – Catavolt can authenticate existing corporate user profiles from services such as Active Directory. This ultra-secure and efficient approach is BYOD friendly and gives the organization maximum control and familiarity without introducing complex security alternatives.

Start with 10 users, scale to 10,000 – the Catavolt solution is truly extensible. Discover pain points in processes, and use Catavolt to increase process efficiency and replicate that success across teams.

Low Risk
Determine success before you commit – Catavolt’s engagement model allows organizations to use fully functioning Proof of Concept applications to solve business issues before committing to larger deployments.

Start with a project, scale to a strategy – For end users, put solutions in their hands and generate business success immediately. Since applications can be designed and implemented without the need for complex software development, critical IT resources can be freed up to work on strategic initiatives while the needs of business are being met.


Example Customer Use Cases

Field Sales: A large multi-national transportation conglomerate used Catavolt to build a sales quoting tool to help identify competitive opportunities that drove higher win rates and higher margins.
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Healthcare: A large home hospice and end of life care provider used Catavolt to build a GPS-driven mileage tool that generated significant cost savings compared to manual entry and reporting. A leading surgical device manufacturer uses Catavolt to manage their international regulatory process by connecting in real time with regulatory agents in 100 countries.
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Life Sciences Regulatory Collaboration: A leading surgical device manufacturer uses Catavolt Extender to manage their international regulatory process by connecting in real time with regulatory agents in 100 countries.

Customer Service: A military contractor that supplies battlefield equipment for the Air Force used Catavolt to create a self-service portal application that has improved customer satisfaction, lowered call volume and overall increased service staff efficiency.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain: A multi-national machinery manufacturer usedCatavolt to build a supply chain collaboration application that has improved on-time deliveries by 20%, reduced quote-to-purchase order cycle times, and realized an overall reduction in material costs.


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