Focus Overview

The Professional Services organization provides services TwinGroup ERP and SW Consulting company focused exclusively on the manufacturing sector. Our organization has accumulated hundreds of man-years of experience in local and international projects. In accordance with a philosophy of "best of bread" and in order to provide a level of premium-quality services to our customers, the team TwinGroup Professional Services was organized in the various business units for different manufacturing industries with professionals who are experts solutions and best pratics industry specific. This vertical approach allows us to offer industry-specific consulting and services (food and beverage, automotive, retail, etc.).

Customer Focus

TwinGroup commitment towards its customers is to solve all the key issues and needs of their ERP systems. Our approach provides a higher level of service and value, building strong partnerships and establish TwinGroup as the top global solver of the problems of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) of our customers. We are proud of the level of satisfaction of our customers. The team TwinGroup professional services includes product specialists are able to identify the best solutions to solve easily and effectively entire requirements of our customers: deployment, integration and extension of ERP systems and complementary applications such as Collaborative Solutions, Business Intelligence , advanced supply chain automation, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and warehouse management systems (WMS).

Application Management

The pressure of the market forces companies to a progressive reduction of IT costs linked to applicative portfolio management and innovative projects that update applications to a more flexible architecture in order to meet better the dynamic needs of the business. The Application Management services constitute an offer to achieve significant savings through the industrialization of the development and application maintenance.



Il termine Industria 4.0 fa riferimento alle smart factories, cioè indica la trasformazione della produzione manifatturiera attraverso l’uso di tecnologie definite intelligenti e abilitanti, capaci di sfruttare pienamente le caratteristiche di intelligenza artificiale, interconnessione e di interazione machine-to-human.


Twingroup Global Solutions is a certified INFOR partner. If you are a manufacturer of process or discrete or a distributor, you can be assured that every Twingroup consultants have an average of over 10 years of experience in your industry, so they can understand your challenges and they can solve them because they know precisely how to use Infor XA or Infor LX. Our consultants work with one goal in mind, to help you achieve rapid implementation, low total cost of ownership and high return on investment in Infor XA - MAPICS or Infor-LX BPCS.


In today’s economy, companies with manufacturing facilities face many challenges due to tighter schedules: shorter time for testing, increased chance for errors, and shorter response time to evolving consumer tastes. They still must deal with maximizing efficiency and lowering production costs by reducing waste from excess, poor quality, and inefficiency.


Output Management

Twingroup is the official partner of Interform A / S, a Danish company specializied in output management solutions. Thanks to our more than twenty years experience in ERP, we are aware that ERP and other management systems are mainly designed to process and display screen datas. They tend to see the management of output as a less important component of their functions, resulting in significant limitations in output generation capabilities. In addition, document design can be a real challenge for ERP systems that do not always have specific features. This is one of the reasons IT companies can demand high prices, even for small changes to the system. Most ERP vendors recognizes that output management is not their priority, and chooses to collaborate with service providers. That's why we have become InterForm's partner. We believe in the potential of the output management solution and our specialized team can help you both in the consulting and in the operativel phase. Our support activities will allow you to manage your document creation autonomously and quickly and easily transform your business data into output.