Output Management

Twingroup is the official partner of Interform A / S, a Danish company specializied in output management solutions. Thanks to our more than twenty years experience in ERP, we are aware that ERP and other management systems are mainly designed to process and display screen datas. They tend to see the management of output as a less important component of their functions, resulting in significant limitations in output generation capabilities. In addition, document design can be a real challenge for ERP systems that do not always have specific features. This is one of the reasons IT companies can demand high prices, even for small changes to the system. Most ERP vendors recognizes that output management is not their priority, and chooses to collaborate with service providers. That's why we have become InterForm's partner. We believe in the potential of the output management solution and our specialized team can help you both in the consulting and in the operativel phase. Our support activities will allow you to manage your document creation autonomously and quickly and easily transform your business data into output.