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Improve profitability and gain operational efficiency across your enterprise

Deep manufacturing capabilities with advanced supply chain and financial applications

Infor LX is a comprehensive ERP system with deep capabilities across manufacturing, supply chain, and financial processes. The latest release, Infor LX 8.4 (available in the Infor Cloud or on-premises), provides a modern and agile enterprise-level application built on the trusted and scalable IBM i® platform.

A modern, scalable, and secure platform for the next decade

Infor is committed to ongoing investment in Infor LX to provide the capabilities that both new and existing customers need to remain competitive, now and long into the future.

Infor LX offers unparalleled functionality, innovation, and value because of the continued development of Infor’s technology stack and the Infor OS cloud operating platform. Infor LX offers great agility and streamlined processes through its enhanced capacity to integrate with Infor and third-party solutions and its ability to answer your organization’s evolving needs without needing to change your core system.

  • ERP software for IBM i Power System
  • Process and discrete manufacturing
  • Multi-language, multicurrency, multi-ledger, and multiple time zone support
  • Modern user experience
  • Flexible global deployment on-premises or in the cloud

Support every phase of your business processes

Infor LX supports all of your processes with deep industry functionality, including source to pay, prospect to cash, design to manufacture, and financial tracking and reporting.

  • Source-to-pay capabilities include quotes, blanket POs, and repetitive scheduling with three-way match on PO or ASN
  • Quality specifications and processes ensure testing and proper item disposition
  • Prospect-to-cash functions support selling by customer specification and lot qualifiers
  • Advanced pricing capabilities include promotions, deals, trade funds, self-billing, and pay on consumption
  • Design-to-manufacture capabilities include engineering change control, lot control, and serial number track and trace
  • Features like yield factors, potency rates, and shelf life provide accuracy and greater control of processes
  • Byproduct and coproduct support help reduce waste and maximize profit
  • Financial tracking and reporting functions enable multiple ledgers, books, calendars, and chart of accounts support
  • Advanced journal creation methodology provides flexibility and provides embedded analytics capabilities

Respond to any combination of outside factors or internal changes with flexible processes

  • Made to stock
  • Made to order
  • Configure to order
  • Engineer to order

Unlock industry capabilities

The latest version of Infor LX, release 8.4.1, provides core enhancements, an expanded database, and global modernization to meet market changes.

  • IDF serves as a rapid development platform with extensibility that enables release transparency and allows your IT team to eliminate legacy queries and custom reports
  • Advance functions like embedded warehouse management, collaboration with logistics server providers and suppliers, and vendor managed inventory are all included as standard and designed to support all of your supply chain needs
  • Embedded tools like document management, notifications, and workflows improve collaboration and productivity across teams

You'll have the power to:

  • Reduce costs by building greater efficiency.
  • Maximize customer satisfaction through improved quality and on-time delivery.
  • Boost compliance and sustainability.
  • Respond to change faster and with less waste.
  • Increase revenue and profits.
  • Grow your business.

With Infor LX, you'll gain a competitive edge by becoming a supplier with better quality, prices, service, and financial future.