Application Management

Business process knowledge and a flexible service offering allow us to offer a comprehensive range of  Application Management services.

The services offered cover technical and application maintenance for ERP INFOR XA (MAPICS), LX (BPCS) and M3 (MOVEX), and user evolutive demand management.

The possibilities offered by current technology, like cloud and Saas approach (Software as a Service) allow to set proposals which include the complete systems and applications management in a single contract. 
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Regulat maintenance services are addressed to the life-cycle management of applicative components and include several services.

Corrective maintenance for the prompt resolution of malfunctions discovered in used applications, in order to restore normal working conditions. Support actions originate from user reports (tickets) and from management support team. Anomalies are examined and managed with based on agree time, method and tracing criteria, defined in the SLA (Service Level Agreement), according to the priority level attributed and the potential risk posed to business processes.

Adaptive maintenance  for alignment with changes in legislation and upgrades due to changes in the release level of the SW environment and hosting HW.

Improvement maintenance  to improve the performance and the use of applicative software, like functionality re-engineering, program optimization and easy use improvements for existing applications, adoption of standard applications in place of customizations.

User Support  providing online support on the correct use of applications, including Customer on site activitiy for periodic operations such as monthly accounting closure, end of period reconciliation and on-the-job training.


Evolutionary maintenance services are addressed to helping Cusomers analyses and assess changes to the information system to reflect changes in business processes and to evolving applications in line with the emerging new requirements of the customer.

It may require the implementation of not already used ERP modules and functionalities  by customers, the adoption of  vertical SW solutions or the development of a new SW.

The management of this phase is done by a process that schedules:

Requirement collecting: collection of operating  and business requirements not covered by the system in use.

New development scenarios : analysis of the various possible solutions to the needs identified: extending the ERP use, vertical solution, SW ad-hoc development.

Results and decision presentation: the alternative solutions are presented to customers in terms of functionality, technology, costs and deployment time.

Depending on a shared decision with the customer, the project plan will be developed and the solution you choose will be implemented.