What is GOLD ?

Gold ia a new generation treasury software, easy to use that allows you to monitor all the financial flows of the company placing itself between the management or ERP and any REMOTE BANKING tools.

GOLD is the solution for the management of Cash that guarantees prudent corporate financial management. Indispensable in an increasingly competitive market which presents an ever greater difficulty in accessing credit. Finally, it is possible to manage financial flows both on a "day by day" basis and on a forecast basis to better support corporate decisions.

The correct management of financial flows has strategic value with respect to the first corporate objective of "creating value".
GOLD allows you to manage projections on the degree of use and availability of current accounts and credit lines, control of account statements and scalars. Moreover, to carry out cash flow analysis both in the budget and in the final balance, and the ability to integrate everything with one's own accounting system, is the basis of the analysis of the business dynamics that administrators, financial managers and treasurers have among their fundamental tasks.

GOLD allows you to implement effective advance management of the treasury in the company and to assist the same in order to reach the zero treasury goal.

With GOLD you can: 
Projecting the treasurer's time horizon forward, with an "advance" management of flows, in order to prevent positive balances on certain accounts and liabilities on others. This is achieved by managing provisional and estimated movements, which represent the company's forecasts of receipts and payments.

Check the work of the banks by:

  • automatic processing of account statements
  • automatic interest scales
  • automatic processing of deviations of the provisional movements from the definitive ones
  • performing automatic reconciliation of bank statements
  • Allowing easy connection with accounting, both as regards the acquisition of accounting movements in the Treasury, and for the accounting of definitive movements (first note).

To act as a bridge between the HB systems of the banks and the company information system, managing the flow of information in both directions. For example, for the acquisition of electronic account statements in view of the automatic reconciliation of transactions and their certification, or for sending bank transfers or electronic letters of credit, etc.