Twingroup Global Solutions is a certified INFOR partner. If you are a process or discrete manufacturer or distributor, you can be assured that every Twingroup consultant will have an average of over 10 years of experience in your industry. He will understand your challenges, and to solve them, he will know exactly how to use your ERP INFOR. Our consultants work with a goal in mind, to help you achieve rapid implementation, low TCO and high return on investment in Infor ERP.


The term Industry 4.0 refers to smart factories, that is to say the transformation of manufacturing production through the use of technologies defined as intelligent and enabling, capable of fully exploiting the characteristics of artificial intelligence, interconnection and machine-to-human interaction.


According to today's global economy, production companies face many challenges due to increasingly rigid programs, shorter time to carry out the necessary tests, greater possibilities of error and adaptation times to the evolution of consumers' tastes more and more. pressing. For a manufacturing company, the main objectives are to maximize efficiency and reduce production costs together with the reduction of excess waste, poor quality and inefficiency.


Twingroup is an official partner of Interform A/S, a Danish company specializing in output management solutions. Thanks to our more than twenty years of experience in the ERP field, we are aware that ERP and other management systems are mainly designed to process and display data on the screens. They tend to see output management as a less important component of their functions, with significant limitations in their ability to generate output. Furthermore, document design can be a real challenge for ERP systems that do not always have specific functionality. This is one of the reasons why IT companies can demand high prices, even for minor changes to the system. Most ERP vendors recognize that output management is not their priority and chooses to work with service providers. For this reason we have become an InterForm partner. We believe in the potential of the output management solution and our specialized team can help you both in the consulting and operational phases. Our support activity will allow you to independently manage the creation of documents and to quickly and easily transform your company data into output.


TwinGroup provides Enterprise Mobiity services through Hexagon's Xalt. We believe in these solutions, to the people who make the difference and who are committed to achieving successful projects. The type consultant of Twingroup has more than 10 years of experience in the sector he deals with. Our consultants know your industry, understand your problems and have experience in business solutions. This is why the services we offer are deeply focused on the needs of industries such as our solutions.


The pressures induced by the market trend push companies to a progressive containment of IT costs associated with the management of the application portfolio and to a growing focus on innovative projects that make applications evolve towards a more flexible architecture that is better able to respond to dynamic needs. of the business. The Application Management services constitute an offer aimed at obtaining significant savings through the industrialization of development activities and application maintenance.


The ability to manage new technologies allows us to support you in the difficult process of integrating your systems, limiting investments and simplifying the management and development aspects of the solutions used.
The services provided mainly concern the integration of applications on the IBM Power System platform (formerly AS400 and System-i) with applications and systems residing on different platforms and technologies, using specific INFOR solutions or class EAI (Enterprise Integration Application) tools std of the market.