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This year's hard reset is amplifying how vital customer relationships are and how much potential AI has to find new ways to improve them.

  • 30% of customers will leave a brand and never come back because of a bad experience.
  • 27% of companies say improving their customer intelligence and data efforts are their highest priority when it comes to customer experience (CX).
  • By 2023, 30% of customer service organizations will deliver proactive customer services by using AI-enabled process orchestration and continuous intelligence, according to Gartner.
  • $13.9B was invested in CX-focused AI and $42.7B in CX-focused Big Data and analytics in 2019, with both expected to grow to $90B in 2022, according to IDC.

In recent weeks we have been talking about the MES or the European stability mechanism. Due to the ongoing health emergency and the Italian economic difficulties resulting from the blockage of production activities, the government is launching the approval of the MES decree to access European economic funds and face the national crisis.

But today we will not talk about the European stability mechanism but about another MES or Manufacturing Execution systems which, in this particular historical moment, can be an important resource for production and logistics companies in Italy. The MES is in fact a computerized system that has the main function of managing and controlling the production function of a company. It helps to manage a whole series of activities including: resource and order planning, progress (in quantity and time), downtime (for calculating Equipment Effectiveness - OEE) as well as managing company warehouses.


By now we have crossed the threshold of 40 days of quarantine in Italy and the negative effects of the COVID 19 virus are there for all to see. This global pandemic has brought us to a standstill in forced activities which will inevitably produce severe repercussions on national production and on the country's economic growth.



In this extremely difficult moment, the IT is surely fundamental for your business, even if, a lot of Italian companies consider the IT as a cost and not as invesment,

Nova Milanese, 24 Marzo 2020

L'Agenzia delle Entrate ha pubblicato un provvedimento relativo alle nuove specifiche tecniche dei tracciati della Fattura elettronica ed dell’Esterometro. Questi nuovi requisiti sostituiranno quelli attuali a partire dal 1º ottobre 2020. La versione attuale della fattura potrà essere utilizzata fino al 1º gennaio 2021.


From 4 May 2020, it will be possible to use a new xml layout for electronic invoices with important news.

This is what emerges with the directorial provision n. 99922, published on February 28, 2020, with which the Revenue Agency, in fact, has adopted the new technical specifications (version 1.6.) Of the xml layout, intervening, in particular, at the request of operators and trade associations, on the codes "Document Type" and "Nature".

Ultimi aggiornamenti dal Forum Italiano sulla Fatturazione Elettronica

Lo scorso 22 Gennaio si è tenuto a Roma il  Forum Italiano sulla Fatturazione Elettronica.  

In questa occasione, Agenzia delle Entrate ha presentato le novità al tracciato della fattura elettronica che, se confermato, andranno in vigore in maniera facoltativa dal 1 aprile al 30 giugno 2020, per poi diventare obbligatorie a partire dal 1 Luglio 2020.

Twingroup Global Solutions annuncia di aver raggiunto un accordo di Partnership Strategica con Ally Consulting relativa alla proposta ERP  INFOR CSI (CLOUD SUTE INDUSTRIAL) , soluzione per le aziende PMI del mercato Manufacturing discreto con piattaforma Microsoft.

Twingroup Global Solutions annuncia di aver raggiunto un accordo di Partnership Strategica con Albasoft per proporre ai clienti INFOR  la soluzione di Tesoreria GOLD.

Infor has been recognized as the leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2019 for corporate resource management software for Infor EAM. For Gartner, the key features to be included in the leaders' quadrant are complex and include: