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In recent weeks we have been talking about the MES or the European stability mechanism. Due to the ongoing health emergency and the Italian economic difficulties resulting from the blockage of production activities, the government is launching the approval of the MES decree to access European economic funds and face the national crisis.
But today we will not talk about the European stability mechanism but about another MES or Manufacturing Execution systems which, in this particular historical moment, can be an important resource for production and logistics companies in Italy. The MES is in fact a computerized system that has the main function of managing and controlling the production function of a company. It helps to manage a whole series of activities including: resource and order planning, progress (in quantity and time), downtime (for calculating Equipment Effectiveness - OEE) as well as managing company warehouses.
APTEAN FACTORY MES is a solution of Manufacturing Execution which, through innovative technology, helps companies to access sensitive production data in real time with consequent improvement of the decision making process and optimization of company operations.
The goal is to obtain more digital, flexible and intelligent factories with Factory MES suite, which thanks to its specific modules, proposes a restart model for manufacturing companies in the post-Covid-19. From planning to reprogramming of resources and activities. The key word is analysis and adaptability of the supply chain and production.
The impact of Covid-19 suddenly hit the Italian and international production system, dictating a generalized stop and severe delays on all fronts. The decrease in industrial production reached -16.6% in March 2020: this is the most important drop ever recorded since 1978. The difficulty in supplies, delays, the slowdown in production are just some of the difficulties to which the manufacturing world will reply at the moment of the resumption of activities. the digitization and production software are now essential to encourage the recovery of production activities starting from analysis of markets which appear completely changed in supply and demand.
A MES solution can be a valid tool for the restart of Italian companies: starting from the reorganization of the structures and production activities in the post-Covid19 and maximizing the throughput of its production systems thanks to the Industry 4.0 paradigm, To start again it will be necessary to act on planning and scheduling ensuring production continuity for the plants that will have to adopt a complete reorganization, both in terms of production plans and availability of human resources. Factory MES is suitable for all discrete and process production companies in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, metals and manufacturing manufacturing industries with single plants or a multi-plant facility. Aptean Factory MES is the right choice to start again by reorganizing production over several shifts (to satisfy social distancing), reconciling availability of resources with production flows and keeping track of production events in real time.
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