Pneumatic Scale Angelus went in live with the Infor XA 9.1 Release on October 1, 2015. PSAngelus a Barry Wehmiller company, is a recognized worldwide leader in the design, production and maintenance of seamers.

Infor, a leading provider of beautiful business applications specialized by industry and built for the cloud, today announced that Infor Ming.leTM and Infor Business Intelligence (BI) applications are now available for the Apple Watch

The new Infor XA release, one of the most worldwide pervasive ERPs for manifacturing, with famous customers such as Honda, Barry Wehmiller, Vestas, SKF, Markwins e Meridian Bioscience, offers advanced features to satisfy a big range of unique enterprise needs. 

Yesterday the conference "Execution and emerging collaboration: finally united"  was held at the headquarters of the Politecnico di Via Durando 10 in Milan. The Professor Stefano Mainetti, scientific director of the Observatory Collaborative Business Application, and his team of researchers.

On 1st of October 2014 MWU CURIONI of Barry Wehmiller group, went in live with Infor XA release 9.e MWU Curioni and the BW Papersystems managements decided to conform to standard processes.



The new application helps manufacturing companies reduce costs, increase productivity and stay competitive.Infor, one of the leader in Enterprise Software and Services industry with more than 73.000 customers, announced  Infor Factory TrackTM 

Infor Inc.’s focus on micro-verticals, design, and research and development is “a transformation” that’s “taking the company to the next level,” according to Albert Pang, President of the market research company  Apps Run the World Research, Inc.

The historical "enemy" allied to strengthen its presence in the business world.Historical partnership between the software colossus Apple and IBM, "enemy" just a few years ago, but now they have decided to form a common front. 

On June 16, 2014 Vestas Blade Italy went in live with SEPA project. Shortly also the Spanish Project will go in live.EPA or the Single Euro Payments Area is a project promoted by the Central European BAnk and the European Commission  

Summary: Infor has been on a tear of late with partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Red Hat, and EnterpriseDB. We talk strategy with CEO Charles Phillips.Infor is increasingly seen as a threat to Oracle and SAP for its ability to go deep into industry features with its enterprise software.