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By now we have crossed the threshold of 40 days of quarantine in Italy and the negative effects of the COVID 19 virus are there for all to see. This global pandemic has brought us to a standstill in forced activities which will inevitably produce severe repercussions on national production and on the country's economic growth.

Despite the difficulties, this stop period can be tackled thinking about the future: by developing new strategies, adopting new procedures and, in general, taking advantage of the time available to improve our activities.

With a view to future improvement, today we have the opportunity to analyze our company data to understand the strengths and weaknesses of our systems and where to start immediately to make improvements and changes. This is the right time also to check the real potential of your ERP, evaluate any changes and the transition to an innovative and more performing solution. It is the right time to find out what are the tangible advantages that Infor Cloudsuite Industrial can give you.

Infor CSI is a complete suite designed to help companies better manage their businesses. It is an end-to-end ERP solution on Microsoft platform, designed for process companies and for discrete production that includes predictive analysis, collaboration, lean prioduction tools and integration options. Available both on premise and in the cloud, Infor CSI allows companies to always remain productive (in the office and in the department), offering an integrated experience, improving the decision making process and obtaining reliable results in a short time. The ease of management and cloud technology make Infor CSI a cutting-edge solution both in terms of software security and the reliability of off-site access to the application. In the particular situation we are experiencing today, the use of the cloud can be the turning point to enable fluid productivity, free from specific times and places., To manage document flows automatically and in real time, and to manage your company also in smart working mode. Why not take advantage of this moment to explore the functionality of Infor Cloudsuite Industrial and understand if It can be for you.

The Infor and Twingroup teams do not stop and we are ready for online presentations and telephone exhanges of ideas.