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PNEUMATIC SCALE ANGELUS goes in live with XA 9.1 Release

Pneumatic Scale Angelus went in live with the Infor XA 9.1 Release on October 1, 2015. PSAngelus a Barry Wehmiller company, is a recognized worldwide leader in the design, production and maintenance of seamers.

For over a century drive technology development of machinery and equipment for seaming and for canning, both for the metal packaging industry. To serve more effectively the EMEA countries, the company PSAngelus decided to open a new start-up in Italy and more precisely in Parma, entrusting the new branch design and manufacture of seamers for the food industry.

The Infor XA implementation project is a successful project for both PSAngelus and Twingroup team. The company achieved the goal of adapting to the Barry Wehmiller group standards, by accessing to Infor XA ERP system. It has been an opportunity to improve business processes and to follow the directives of the international group.


Monica Lutrino, Twingroup Marketing Coordinator