What If You Could Have As Many Mobile Apps As You Have Ideas?

September 19, 2016, posted by Allison Erdman on Catavolt Blog

Does your organization have hundreds of ideas for improving business processes, but doesn’t know where to start?

Mobile apps give your organization the ability to complete quality work in less time with the real-time data your users need.Catavolt’s rapid mobile app development platform allows your organization to take your ideas and turn it in to applications in days or weeks.

Here’s Upstart Infor’s Latest Strategy For Competing With Oracle and SAP

July 11, 2016, posted by Heather Clancy @GreenTechLady

“Companies are being decimated by technology.”

One of the things that sets business software company Infor’s apart from its rivals is its four-year-old creative division that designs the user interfaces for the company’s inventory management, commerce, logistics, and financial management systems.


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